The best cosmetic brands from beautiful Poland




Biały Jeleń /White Deer/ is a line of hypoallergenic products created for people with skin problems and prone to allergies. They are cosmetic both for personal hygiene: soaps, shower gels, intimate hygiene products and shampoos and bubble baths as well as detergents washing powders, washing liquids and clothes softeners.

Possible differences in consistencies and color are a natural phenomenon and the result of the application of non-invasive components.



  BIELENDA Kosmetyki Naturalne [Natural Cosmetics] was estabilished in 1990. Bielenda believes that the most allencompassing, yet the safest and skin-friendly beauty care can be only delivered by cosmetics containing the best quality active ingredients. Bielenda portfolio now includes over 400 top-notch products for individual clients and professionals – beauty salons, Wellness & SPA centres, and beauty schools, who can choose from an extensive family of professional cosmetics. Due to goal-focused improvement and skilful anticipation of the market needs, Bielenda enjoys continuous development and has won a continually growing number of highly satisfied clients.



  Biolaven Organic is a new Polish brand of natural cosmetics, produced by Sylveco, known in Poland and around the worls. The brand's cosmetics are based on organic ingredients such as lavender oil, grape seed oil, lactic acid, avocado butter, squalane, vitamin E or hydrolyzed oat proteins. Biolaven cosmetics have regenerating, nourishing and anti-wrinkle properties. Due to their natural composition, they can be used even on sensitive skin. The brand's products have interesting, unique packaging design and guarantee high quality.



  Cashmere, a synonym for innovation and modernity, offers unique preparations for a lasting and beautiful make-up. The brand's name translates to flawlessly smooth skin, cashmere-soft to the touch, state-of-the-art formulas, and alluring design. These qualities made Cashmere cosmetics popular with customers and won them the appreciation of make-up artists.
The brand’s portfolio comprises top-quality make-up bases, liquid foundations, and concealers – the groundwork for a faultless make-up, created for women who opt for a consummate look in every detail.



  Dax Men is a brand of advanced cosmetics for men, designed for comprehensive care of both body and face, that fully meets the needs of male skin. Their formulas are rich in minerals obtained from volcanic rock, hyaluronic acid, grain lipids, and Q10 coenzyme. A fresh fragrance, so appreciated by male customers, makes their application pleasant and relaxing. When used daily, Dax Men cosmetics regenerate and hydrate the skin, at the same time removing wrinkles.
The preparations are available in easy to manage airless bottles.




Dermika understands the needs and desires of today’s women. Dermika knows how a woman’s image needs to reflect their inner strength, wisdom and independence. When developing the technologies for their products, Dermika exploits the most recent research, technological solutions, and field-tested formulas.





A professional brand promoting cosmetic products linking aesthetic surgery and cosmetology. Formulations of our products are created in the laboratory placed in Switzerland. Employees of the Institute are trying to meet the needs of all our customers and are constantly working to improve the quality of each product. The brand created by the group of professionals from the cosmetics industry was developed to fulfil requirements of the most demanding customers. The feminine beautyis our starting point, satisfaction of our customers motivates us to further activity,and customers’ needs set the direction of our development.



   The Dr Irena Eris luxury cosmetics have been created with a passion for beauty care. The breakthrough formulas are designed based on our own patent applications, state –of- the-art technologies, and the best, often-difficult-to-find ingredients. Thanks to the synergy between the activities of our group of experts from different fields, our cosmetics have stood out on the market for many years. The Dr Irena Eris Centre for Science and Research, in cooperation with experts from the Dr Irena Eris Skin Care Institutes and exclusive Dr Irena Eris SPA Hotels, have been creating globally unique cosmetic and cosmetological solutions for years. Dr Irena Eris is a brand designed for women who are beauty-conscious, value the highest quality, and search for the best solutions in the best style.



  A hair care brand comprising two product lines Argan Hair and Macadamia Hair containing argan oil or macadamia oil. High quality products, created with great passion and attention to detail. They offer a comprehensive treatment for damaged or weakened hair.



  Dzidziuś (Baby) series with its specially developed formula is prepared for the most demanding consumers which are the youngest children and their delicate and sensitive skin. Products are both for gentle personal care and products to maintain a perfectly clean clothing for children and babies. In the care of children all the products, cosmetics and detergents have been dermatologically tested and meet the requirements of hypoallergenic products.



   Series of products called Intensive Hair Therapy, based on burdock oil with Bh Intensive, is recommended for a variety of hair problems of women and men: excessive loss, weak, slow growth and impairment by treatments, dandruff, dryness and itching, damaged structure, brittleness, split ends, lack of shine. Active complex Bh Intensive + helps to prevent premature hair loss by inhibition of enzymes that are responsible for it, strengthens the hair follicles work, stabilizes the growth phases of the hair of the hair cycle, stimulates cellular renewal and synthesis of keratin, stimulates microcirculation in the scalp, which improves the nutrition of hair follicles, strengthens the tissues surrounding the root of the hair, relieves irritation, itching, redness of the scalp.



  Eva Natura is a brand of cosmetics inspired by nature. It was created in order to fulfill women's needs for natural care of face, body and hair. The beginnng of the brand is the middle of 90's when EVA NATURA LEN and BURSZTYN were launched. The innovative composition of ingredients and attarctive design made them very popular among clients. The cosmetics are awarded on many contests and fair.



  Eveline Cosmetics was established in 1983 and nowadays it is one of the major cosmetic producers in Poland. Eveline's offer encompasses wide spectrum of products – from make-up to face and body care. Many years of experience, high quality, reasonable prices and guaranteed effectiveness of the products have earned the producer the trust of great many clients. 



  Evrēe brand draws from nature and creates trends for the future. Evrēe knows how to bring out and emphasize your innate beauty. You will be surprised by the effectiveness of Evrēe's products that actively stimulate the skin to natural regeneration. Just like You, they keep away from the artificiality and routine, and work in perfect harmony with nature, sports, fashion, dance and a healthy diet.



  A brand that is based on plant components, used in the care of the whole body. Comprehensive care of face, body, hair and personal hygiene allows to bring out the natural beauty of every woman. It uses effective and natural formulas derived from the rich tradition of herbal medicine.




Herbal Care is a line of products for the face, body and hair, inspired by the richness of nature and based on natural plant extracts. It is free of parabens, mineral oils, artificial dyes, alcohol, therefore ideal for those who value health and natural beauty.

Herbal Care cosmetics are gentle on the skin and environmentally friendly. They contain nature’s most precious gifts: herbs from ecologically clean areas, and unique compositions of nourishing ingredients – everything maintaining skin that is healthy, silky soft and full of radiance.



  Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory is a dynamically developing Polish company which has been on the market for 35 years. Joanna Cosmetic Laboratory′s mission is to specialize in cosmetic products that fully meet customers’ body an hair care needs, and to be recognized for high quality at a reasonable price. Therefore, the Laboratory constantly and continuously monitors the needs of the customers in order to best meet their expectations. At Joanna, the brand is known for clinically-tested and proven quality, flexibility, modernity, and the loyalty of the clients.



  Lirene knows how to take care of women and wants them to stay always young, beautiful and happy. Taking care of your skin with Lirene cosmetics is efficient and enjoyable - innovative complexes and products with excellent textures provide high skin care performance and satisfaction after usage. The formulas of all cosmetics were developed in Lirene Scientific Research Laboratory- place where the experts of different fields continuously search for new technologies and innovative, active ingredients to develop the cosmetics of the highest quality and safety.



  MINCER PHARMA brand was established in Poland in 1989. Initially it was a small family business. Today MINCER PHARMA cosmetics are present on many global markets on different continents. From the very beginning of its existence one of its core values ​​was expertise. In practice, this means that many investment projects were implemented and cooperation with professionals from various disciplines was established to create specialized skincare products for different skin types, with special emphasis on sensitive skin, prone to irritation and allergies.



  The Nivelazione foot series was developed by the Farmona Natural Cosmetics Laboratory by combining expert knowledge, experience and the passion of our specialists. The products combine the effectiveness of natural active ingredients with the latest developments in modern dermatology and cosmetology that fight problems and ailments of the feet.



  The brand of modern cosmetics, which contain a high dose of active natural components, such as extracts of hops, flax, arnica, thyme, mint, birch or calamus root. The products for hair, body and face are created by taking a scientific approach and utilizing the knowledge of the individual and beneficial impact of each herbal component.



  Launched in 2004, Perfecta is the leading brand of Dax Cosmetics, distinguished by high product quality and state-of-the-art formulas. It was created to make it possible for every woman, regardless of age and financial status, to find cosmetics tailored to cater to the particular needs of her skin.
Perfecta’s portfolio comprises a very wide range of popular face and body care cosmetics, boasting cutting-edge active ingredients and always following the newest trends in cosmetology. Besides a rich choice of cleansing cosmetics, face creams, and masks, its offer includes unique lip balms, effective slimming and bronzing preparations, and exceptional exfoliants for body and face, as well as hair-removal products, intimate hygiene gels, innovative hand and foot creams, and fluid foundations. Two custom-designed lines comprise antibacterial cosmetics for teenagers and specialised formulations for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Having her pick of a comprehensive choice of types and consistencies, every woman will be able to choose something for herself.




Since 1984, Soraya Cosmetics has been creating beauty care products for women and men. With their knowledge and experience, Soraya makes you feel well cared for and beautiful. Caring for the compliance with the highest manufacturing standards, Soraya actually cares for you.




VIANEK is a brand of natural cosmetics. Dedicated to women of all ages, with diverse care needs, and at the same time demanding. The combination of carefully selected ingredients, captivating scents and original packaging design creates a unique brand message.

With natural Polish herbal ingredients, energizing fruity scents and developed product ranges to target specific skin types, Vianek brings bright abundance to natural skincare. Even the packaging is designed to bring sensory pleasure, with illustrations inspired by the folk art of Poland’s “painted village” of Zalipie.



  Vis Plantis is a modern, specialized cosmetics brand, which aims to restore and strengthen the physiological balance of the skin. It can be characterized by an innovative combination of active, original and standardized substances having a proven effect with highly advanced cosmetically and dermatologically solutions. The brand has been tailored to the needs of conscious and demanding customers. Vis Plantis cosmetics help retain youth, support the pharmacological treatments and sustain their positive effect.



  Yoskine is a brand of luxurious cosmetics, created in collaboration with Japanese laboratories in Kyoto.
Inspired by the Japanese yin-yang philosophy, in collaboration with Japanese-based laboratories of Rohto, YOSKINE scientists developed the IN-YO TECHNOLOGY, an avant-garde approach to skin care with a double rejuvenating power. IN’DETOX & YO’ACTIVE technology is a revolutionary combination of cell detoxication and advanced, rejuvenating skin care. Due to its unique dual action, every Yoskine cosmetic naturally purifies cell of toxins. In consequence, active ingredients delivered to the skin are better absorbed and show up to a twofold increase in efficacy, providing protection to skin structures and an intense rejuvenating effect.
Yoskine skin care cosmetics are distinguished by their superior quality, state-of-the-art ingredients, unique formulas, exceptional consistencies, and beautiful packaging design. They are sold through the best pharmacies and cosmetic stores in Poland.




ZIAJA Ltd. is a Polish producer of pharmaceuticals and high-quality cosmetics based on natural ingredients for face, body and hair care. It is a family-owned company, established in 1989 in Gdansk by pharmacists Aleksandra and Zenon Ziaja.

Ziaja cosmetics combine highly regarded traditional components, such as herbal extracts and vitamins with modern technology. The formulas are based on pharmaceutical expertise.

Ziaja's goal is to provide the most innovative, high-quality and advanced products at an competitive price for women, men and children of all ages. Ziaja's products received many awards and honors.



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