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  •  What is the best toner cartridges in USA?
    19.09.2022 COMPANY NEWS
    What is the best toner cartridges in USA?1. Whether high-density plastic parts are used?The high-density plastic parts can withstand high temperature and do not deform, which can better protect the toner cartridge and prevent powder leakage......
  • Why are printer cartridges so expensive?
    02.09.2022 COMPANY NEWS
    Why are printer cartridges so expensive?Ink is also a major difficulty. For example, ink must consider storage stability and be corrosive to the print head. The ink particles should be small enough not to block the print head. It should be ......
  • Which is better, OEM or Compatible Toner Cartridge?
    01.09.2022 INDUSTRY NEWS
    Which is better, OEM or  Compatible Toner Cartridge?Here are 2 identical HP laser printers and the test begins.First Wobela Toner Cartridges2nd with OEM Toner CartridgesNow print the black and white file, same effect.Now printing color......
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